Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Geopolitics roundup

By Rick Morris

We have long covered geopolitics at The FDH Lounge, both in terms of our own analysis and linking to great coverage elsewhere. Here’s our latest roundup of top news and analysis on the Internet.

^ The Long War Journal says that new terrorist camps are springing up in Yemen.

^ The Investigative Project holds up evidence that civilian casualty claims in Gaza were grossly inflated.

^ The Donovan has great news that the US Army is working to bring down suicide totals in the ranks.

^ The Counterterrorism Blog reveals that terrorists are penetrating the Pakistani army in great numbers.

^ The Counterterrorism Blog speaks about how governments are appeasing terrorists by voluntarily applying Sharia (Islamic law) in various areas.

^ The Counterterrorism Blog tries to figure out who was really behind the attack on the Sri Lankan cricket team.

^ The Counterterrorism Blog talks about how criminal cartels are taking advantage of the credit crunch by luring in legitimate businesses in need of financing.

^ The Belmont Club looks at North Korea's warning to the West about interfering with its missile test.

^ In From The Cold goes over Garry Kasparov's statement that the Putin/Medvedev junta is actually in a lot of trouble.

^ The Mudville Gazette reveals a key aspect of how the Iraq drawdown is a fraud.

^ Michael Yon says that the West is struggling to keep from losing in Afghanistan.

^ Jane's examines how the US military opened a transit route between Russia and Afghanistan.

^ Jane's says that apparently even the knuckle-draggers in the Iranian government are now ambivalent about Ahmadinejad.

^ The Foreign Policy Magazine Blog has some lighter-side news: even dog shows in Russia are now rigged – the prez’s dogs won at the big Russki dog show!

^ The Foreign Policy Magazine Blog talks about how Britain is in a tizzy over Obama’s snubbing of Gordon Brown.

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