Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Your fantasy - and non-fantasy - hockey guide for 2010

By Rick Morris

We at FDH are very proud to announce the release of FANTASY HOCKEY DRAFTOLOGY 2010, the only guide to hockey that you need for this season. Here's what's inside:

Page 1: Draft Philosophy Overview, Draft Board Decoder, Top 50 Overall

Page 2: Goalie Rankings, Lessons of Our Ultimate Quantitative Baseline Stat

Page 3: Center Rankings

Page 4: Left Wing Rankings, Overvalued and Undervalued Players

Page 5: Right Wing Rankings

Page 6: Defensemen Rankings, 2010-11 Fantasy Overview, Fantasy Sleepers

Page 7: Defensemen Rankings, Don’t Be That Guy, Suggested League Guidelines

Page 8: FDH Hockey Mock Draft and Analysis

Page 9: FDH NHL 2010-11 Season Predictions, NHL 24 review

Page 10: Notes from the 2010 NHL Entry Draft

Page 11: A look back at Simon Gagne’s career in Philly

Page 12: Stevie Y moves to Tampa Bay

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