Monday, November 1, 2010

Midterm Election LiveBlogAPalooza

By Rick Morris

Much like what we've brought you every NFL Sunday this year -- and the bigger college football Saturdays -- we've got your one-stop-shop for all midterm election news and analysis. Via the wonders of aggregation, a Who's Who of the political universe is bringing you everything you need to know about these very consequential midterm elections. If you think we're bluffing about who's included in this liveblog -- and you really ought to know better about us by now, just click the play button and find out. One note: as is the case with any of these all-day liveblog sessions, CoverItLive is going to brand this as being in "Standby." Just disregard that and hit play anyways; the updating is constant regardless of that label. Enjoy and Viva La Constitutional Republic!

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