Wednesday, June 6, 2012

The FDH Lounge Pantheon Sixth Edition

By Rick Morris
The sixth edition of The FDH Lounge Pantheon, our salute to the best of the best in all walks of life, is now in the books.  I want to thank all members of The FDH Academy of Arts and Sciences who cast their ballots.
As tradition dictates, we divided our categories equally between sports and non-sports.  The sports categories were Quarterback, Goalie, Sports Blog, Coach in Both Pro and College Level in Either Hoops or Football (endless confusion here), TV Sports Innovation and World Series.  The non-sports categories were Pro Wrestling Announcer, Chain Restaurant, Underpublicized Vacation Spot, Album, TV Spinoff and Act of Presidential Leadership.
I want to thank my father, who provided a better staging ground in his home than I could have at my place (with the lawn croquet, Cleveland Browns cornhole game and cheddar-brats-on-the-grill amenities!) and the FDH Lounge Dignitaries who gathered for the broadcasts where we analyzed the voting and broke the ties (sometimes in controversial fashion!): Mr. Flatstick Tom Denk (who also artfully manned the grill), Original Dignitary Tim Foust, Bob Glassman, Anthony Petrone, Matt Petrone and Jonny Adams.  We have these segments all online already, but not all in one place until right here and now.  Ladies and gentlemen, The FDH Lounge Pantheon Sixth Edition.

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