Sunday, October 4, 2009

Coming to THE FDH LOUNGE ... Kevin Smith!

By Steve Cirvello (posted by Rick Morris)

Kevin Smith will be 'Shooting the Sh*t'....on The FDH LOUNGE!!!!!

This past Thursday night in Manhattan, a historic meeting took placebetween Actor/Writer/Director Extrordinare Kevin Smith.....and yours truly, The FDH New York Bureau! As a result, your feerless producer has managed to reel in one of the best guests thatwe will ever have in The Lounge, so stay tuned for an official announcement in The FDH Lounge Multimedia Magazine as events develop.

The occasion was a special Book Signing/Q&A Discussion for his new book - "Shooting The S*it With Kevin Smith" at the Barnes & Noble in Union Square, New York City. After a brief address to the over 500 people in attendance, Kevin took some questions from the crowd. In somewhat of an abbreviated form, here's what went down:

In true FDH fashion, Kevin addressed the peeps with his own 'Opening Statement' - "I don't mind telling you I feel like a f&%$in' fraud, but we'll try to make it work, I guess, as far as books go."

Q: What would you do if you ever came home and you found your daughter Harley was smokin' some?

KS: As soon as she's of age, I only ask two things: Don't take naked pictures with your boyfriend, and if you're gonna smoke weed, bring some home for me too.

Q: Any chance you'll make 'Mallrats 2: Die Hard in a Mall'?

KS: It was rumored once around '95, but probably not, unless I really have to pay off my mortgage.

Q: I'm really looking forward to (new film) 'A couple of Dicks'.

KS: Really, sir? Do you like dicks?

Q: (con't) I hope it's a huge hit.

KS: Why does it have to be a huge hit? I don't care! Will it make money? I didn't write it, so I don't have that much invested in it. When you write your own s*it, you want more people to embrace it. Who wants to invest in a Kevin Smith movie - not ME! Well, maybe 'Dicks 2 - It just got harder.'

Q: What comic book is your dream to work on?

KS: I'm already doing it. The Batman miniseries, it's my favorite comic of all time, but there's nothing else out there that I'd want to do.

Q: How did you wind up on DeGrassi? (a Canadian teen high school drama he appeared on with Jason Mewes)

KS: "When they brought it back as 'The Next Generation,' I watched it and it was really good. The kids were easier to look at. The storylines were better. I loved what they were doing and where they were going. They let me come on and let me be ME. I wanted to direct one of them, I would just kill or die to direct one of those episodes. I called the creator of the series and she told me because they get their financing from the Canadian Government, the director and writer has to be Canadian. I brought that into my marriage too. I'll say, 'Let's rock a little anal tonight,' and she goes, 'We can't, because you're not Canadian."

Q: Has 'Entourage' ever asked you to write for the show?

KS: No, and I would love to write for Entourage. That'll be the episode where Ari Gold is in prison and gets f*&%ed in the ass (screams). I was surprised when they mentioned me on there, because it's like they made fun of me the whole time. Rob Weiss (writer) on the show dosen't like me, because I think I called him 'Vanilla Weiss' once in an interview. It's a total guilty pleasure for me. By the way, hundreds of people congratulated me for scoring the 'Aquaman II' gig!"

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