Wednesday, October 14, 2009

The end to the epic Office wedding episode

By Rick Morris

For any huge fans of NBC's THE OFFICE like myself, last week's big wedding episode was going to be must-see TV at its finest.

Jim and Pam chose to elope at Niagara Falls, but were followed by their friends, family -- and office-mates once Michael gave them two days off as what was apparently his final decision as sole boss of the domain. Much chaos predictably ensued, as Jim accidentally revealed Pam's pregnancy at the rehearsal dinner, Andy shredded his scrotum by falling on his keys after doing the splits in an ill-advised dance move and everyone else pretty much acted like idiots.

Jim and Pam disappeared from the church just prior to the ceremony, then came back together and were very late for the start of the ceremony. This video, which closed the episode, splices together where Jim and Pam went (and what they did) and the wedding service at the church, hijacked by The Office gang and Jim's brothers. In short, the wedding went down as only an Office wedding could. Enjoy!

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