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Hockey draft guide: Tyler Seguin prospect profile

By Russ Cohen (posted by Rick Morris)

The 21st Century Media Alliance has struck again! The combined efforts of The FDH Lounge,, Sportsology and Card Corner Club have produced your ultimate guide to the NHL Entry Draft (and beyond), HOCKEY DRAFTOLOGY 2010. We encourage you to check out these comprehensive yet compact guides in their entirety, and as an inducement to do so, we are serializing them here.

Here is a profile of one of the top two prospects in the draft, Tyler Seguin:

NOTE: This profile was compiled at the NHL combine.

Will he go to the Oilers? Will he go to the Bruins? Will somebody else move up to get him? These are all questions that will be answered on Draft Day in Los Angeles at the end of June, but for now one thing is clear: Plymouth Whalers center Tyler Seguin is a special player who will have an impact at the NHL level sometime in the future.

“I think I’ve heard that from the media. Edmonton and Boston didn’t say much, just casual conversation. I’m sure that will change at the combine,” he said, talking about the two teams with the first two picks in the draft.

Centers are becoming harder to come by in the NHL and teams have started to pay a premium on the free agent market for them. That’s just one compelling reason why Seguin might be selected with the first overall pick rather than Windsor’s Taylor Hall.

“I think you can have that argument. I’m a natural center, he’s a natural left winger. He has a great supporting cast and my cast is a bit lesser. I try to have a complete centerman game and if a team needs a left winger they will take him,” he said confidently and then he added “I’m a natural right-handed shot.”

Now there aren’t that many right-handed shots, and that’s huge on the power play. But the Brampton, Ontario native also talked about what makes him an elite athlete and with the combine going on right now it was timely information, for sure.

“I was a long distance runner, so my conditioning was good and my recovery is good. I can use speed from behind my net and that’s definitely one of the advantages of my game, especially if we are on the power play. I can play wing. I did my whole first year and I can play point on the power play.

“Who really knows? Last summer I did that testing for fun and I actually threw up. I don’t think that means you aren’t in condition; it means you pushed yourself to the max.”

Seguin has been a dominant player in the OHL. Anytime you are averaging more than a point-per-game in the regular season and playoffs, for your career, you are in an elite group. Last season, a few players made the jump to the NHL right out of the gate and Seguin hopes that he can be one of those players. But if he isn’t, he does have a backup plan.

“That’s absolutely the goal. All I want is the opportunity to earn my spot and if not I have a great organization in Plymouth to come back to.”

Either way, this high school student is covered. Now most guys are just worried about graduation, but he is a bit different. He’s been doing tons of interviews while juggling school work and thinking about his future plans. One example of his popularity can be found on the social networking utility, Facebook.

“I’m on Facebook, but I probably will delete that because there is a fake account out there,” Seguin chuckled.

When he’s in the mood for some comfort food, the Ontario native looks no further than a local chain that he favors.

“I like Pizza Pizza. I like it with Pepperoni.”

Like most athletes growing up he was a two-sport athlete.

“I used to play Lacrosse but not anymore, it was a passion of mine,” he revealed.

Los Angeles is known for its glitz and glamour, but this coming June, his fate will be decided and I’m sure he will accept his new challenge in a very understated manor and he will let his play on the ice do the talking.

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