Sunday, June 20, 2010

Hoops draft guide: Full list of contents

By Rick Morris

The 21st Century Media Alliance has struck again! The combined efforts of The FDH Lounge,, Sportsology and Card Corner Club have produced your ultimate guide to the NBA Draft (and beyond), HOOPS DRAFTOLOGY 2010. We encourage you to check out these comprehensive yet compact guides in their entirety, and as an inducement to do so, we are serializing them here.

Here is a full list of contents:

Page 1: Guide overview, Talent overview
Page 2: Strength of draft by position, Top 30 players regardless of position with skill
Page 3: Top 30 players regardless of position with potential stat line and area(s) of
Specialization, Links to highlight videos
of top prospects
Page 4: NBA top player rankings, Team needs, Blank mock draft sheet, David Thompson not getting his due
Pages 5-8: Jason Jones’ “Beyond the Mock”
Page 9: Jason Jones & Rick Morris mock drafts
Page 10: Correlation of top players to NBA titles
Pages 11-12: Examination of how free agency could affect NBA landscape

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