Sunday, November 25, 2007

Top college football coaching jobs

By Rick Morris

While watching college football with the family over the holidays, I got into a conversation with my brother about which coaching jobs were on the top tier. We were talking about this because:

A) College football is the only sport my brother follows in-depth (as a Notre Dame grad).
B) This topic is really in the news a lot, with openings at (so far) Michigan, Texas A&M and Nebraska.

So here we have for you the FDH Top Two Tiers of College Football Coaching Jobs, each listed alphabetically. To be on the top tier, the program must have great fan interest, the prestige of a long successful history and at least some semblance of recent success (with BCS bowl berths as one determinant). The top tier was a consensus of the opinions of my brother and myself; the second tier I wrote afterwards.

^ Alabama (barely clinging to their spot on this tier with their troubles of recent years)
^ Florida
^ Florida State (they're down now, but there will be insane interest in the job when the old man leaves)
^ Miami
^ Michigan
^ Nebraska (see Alabama)
^ Notre Dame (as long as they have a network TV deal, they're on this tier regardless of anything else)
^ Ohio State
^ Oklahoma
^ Penn State (see Florida State)
^ Texas

^ Arkansas (realistically towards the bottom of the tier)
^ Auburn (if Tuberville leaves for A&M, it's a lateral move aside from the money -- see below)
^ Clemson
^ Georgia
^ LSU (at the top of this tier, but no, Delusional Tiger Fan, a half-decade of relative success does not yet erase the last few decades and put you on the top tier!)
^ Michigan State
^ Tennessee
^ Texas A&M
^ West Virginia (stepping up to keep Rich Rodriguez from taking the 'Bama job showed that the program has grown enough financially to justify being rated here)
^ Wisconsin (Barry Alvarez goes down as one of the all-time greats for getting the Badger program to this level)

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