Saturday, May 3, 2008

Kentucky Derby picks

By Rick Morris

Win: Colonel John
Place: Visionaire
Show: Monba

I'm not buying the hype on Big Brown, although I was surprised that he was taken third in our draft/pool (see below). There's no in-between, however, he'll either win going away or finish out of the money altogether. Colonel John is a strong horse, a classic favorite, and I like him to bring it home. Visionaire and Monba are not the all-or-nothing type like Big Brown is (on this stage, anyway), so I look for each to be nosed out slightly.

Quick side note: I know that networks are trying to squeeze every last penny they can out sponsors so that they can recoup the money spent on their precious rights fees, but enough with the red carpet specials before a big SPORTING EVENT, NOT A HOLLYWOOD PRODUCTION! It was bad enough with that pompous twit Ryan Seacrest bringing his fey presence to the Super Bowl; I don't need to see some posturing poof with highlights in his hair interviewing celebrities who are gravy-training a legitimate sporting event to keep a high public profile. The sight of Vince McMahon on the red carpet was quite a sight, however, as he continues his entertaining yet ultimately futile quest to be taken seriously as someone who produces something other than a low-rent ripoff of wrestling's glory days.

Here are the results of the Triple Crown draft held on the FANTASYDRAFTHELP.COM INSIDER program on April 30:

1. Rick Morris: Colonel John
2. Bob Glassman: Pyro
3. Jason Jones: Big Brown
4. Anthony Petrone: Gayego

1. Anthony: Tale of Ekati
2. Jason: Court Vision
3. Bob: Z Fortune
4. Rick: Recapturetheglory

1. Rick: Monba
2. Bob: Eight Belles
3. Jason: Visionaire
4. Anthony: Cool Coal Man

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