Thursday, January 1, 2009

Happy New Year!

By Rick Morris

As a tangible means of wishing you Happy New Year in 2009, your bleary morning-after eyes will find a great many aesthetic improvements here in The FDH Lounge Multimedia Magazine. We found a way to implement a three-column template in Blogger (hat tip to the awesome Blogger Buster resource) so that we could surround our content now on both sides with an even wider range of resources made available on this great Blogger platform. The very idea of The FDH Lounge is for it to be more wide-open that anything else you could find, embracing the challenge of breaking down just about any topic and we want that to be reflected in as many ways as possible.

Recently, we added our FDH Lounge Twitter feed to the site as a means of being able to add very quick updates from time to time. You will notice that a tweet was posted yesterday that was fed to us by our good buddy Russ Cohen from Sportsology/Hockeyology who is covering the Winter Classic at Wrigley Field. You will see more of that today as the content syndication relationship between FDH and Sportsology really bears fruit on a day like this. As the texts from Russ come in, they'll be turned into tweets so that we can keep you up to date on this incredible event. Russ is one of the few journalists to have covered all three NHL outdoor events (exactly one year ago today in Buffalo and November 2003 in Edmonton) and few if any have a sharper eye for hockey, so it'll be fun to view this extravaganza through his eyes.

The overall upgrade here and today's tweets from the Winter Classic are symbolic of the aggressive approach we are taking going into 2009. We are very excited about what we have created with The FDH Lounge and we're taking it to new heights this year.

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