Saturday, February 7, 2009

25 random things about FDH

By Rick Morris

Presently, we have a page but not an FDH Lounge Facebook page. One is deemed to be too intrusively commercial for Facebook, I guess, and the other is not. Whatever.

So essentially we treat our page as a representative of all of FDH Enterprises, LLC, not just the fantasy sports division but our "nothing is off-topic" Lounge division as well. In that spirit, we bring you here from our Facebook page one of the big Facebook crazes of the moment: 25 Random Things About Us:

1) We started off as a part of our good friend Pat Luft’s site.

2) We started focusing on different aspects of the fantasy sports industry and parted amicably in 2006.

3) Pat’s site continues in great form to this very day.

4) In 2003, and (STN) forged a working relationship that transferred over to as part of the spinoff agreement.

5) has put together upwards of a dozen programs for in the past six years and appeared on about 40 others.

6) partners Rick Morris (Managing Partner) and Jason Jones (Senior Editor) met when both were broadcasting for STN.

7) In 2007, became the first division of FDH Enteprises, LLC when the company divided into two parts.

8) The second division is The FDH Lounge (, a multimedia organization focusing on sports and everything else (Motto: Nothing is Off-Topic).

9) When we needed a name for our FDH Lounge staff (both columnists for the website and participants on our Internet TV show), we settled on “The Dignitaries.”

10) Rick’s first partner with was current (and charter member) FDH Lounge Dignitary Nathan Noy, before Nathan decided to depart the fantasy sports tout business.

11) We’ve put up almost 900 posts on since launching it in August 2007.

12) Of those posts, only about half of them are sports-related, with politics, geopolitics, news, entertainment and countless other subjects making up the rest.

13) We have over 1,325 links on our FDH Lounge Ultimate Links page (

14) Of those links, only about half of them are sports-related, with politics, geopolitics, news, entertainment and countless other subjects making up the rest.

15) We have content-exchange relationships with a number of great sites, including STN,,,, and

16) Our core philosophy at involves the Value Pyramid: Information and Process leading to Value.

17) We believe that fantasy sports championships are won by patiently accruing value with each and every selection.

18) Our core statistic at is called the Ultimate Quantitative Baseline (UQB).

19) The UQB is based on the standard deviation from the mean and it is a composite of exactly how much better or worse an athlete performed proportionate to his peers in a number of different categories.

20) We believe that we cover more different fantasy sports than any other organization in existence (including a fantasy 4th of July hot dog eating game!).

21) We work on spotlighting trends not merely in a single fantasy sport, but across different fantasy sports where applicable.

22) We publish a weekly newsletter on our fantasy blog ( and also have a presence on MySpace, Twitter and a message board at STN.

23) We have set up fantasy-based competitions on our STN shows even outside of sports: competing to draft the best rock band and the finest array of attractive female celebrities!

24) We are adding videoblogging to our many media platforms in 2009 and even have a set built with our excellent logo (which was created by Jason).

25) FDH Lounge Entertainment Editor Samantha Jones is Jason’s wife and also worked extensively with Rick and Jason at STN.

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