Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Best critiques of gov't coming from pro wrestling - really

By Rick Morris

If you require further proof of how society has been turned upside down since the global financial crisis began back in September, consider this: some of the best analysis coming from outside the traditional media circles is being produced by individuals associated at one time or another with professional wrestling!

The days of Jesse Ventura and Hulk Hogan dabbling in politics on a celebrity level are the most commonly associated images most of us have of a potential "sports entertainment/big time politics" crossover, but these days, solid breakdowns of the affairs of the day are erasing those impressions. We start with Hogan's good buddy Eric Bischoff on his new blog:

"When the President of the United States chooses a confirmed tax cheat as Secretary of Treasury to manage our financial crisis, and the Chairman of the Senate Committee on Banking lies to the American public on something as serious as his involvement/authorship of the bill that allowed AIG spoon feed millions of taxpayers dollars to its executives, it's pretty clear that we are being led by frauds dressed as public servants ... The real threat to America isn’t Al Qaeda. It’s not the economy. It’s the power-hungry Socialists that control Congress and the Empty Suit that follows, rather than leads them."

Agree or disagree (and I personally find little to quibble with in his commentary), he makes solid points on a number of the day's biggest issues. As a longtime Ric Flair fan, I do feel a bit dirty in putting Easy-E over to this degree, but, hey, the Nature Boy leans to the right also! Ironically, I see little in Bischoff's commentary that would cause Flair to disagree.

A former associate of Bischoff's on the RAW brand, Glenn "Kane" Jacobs, is also making some noise, both under his "Citizen X" identity and through media appearances that he has made under his own name promoting libertarian political and economic stances. He is very learned on the subject of Austrian economics, which is the exact opposite approach to our nation's current heavily-centralized, heavy-handed path. These videos below reveal him as somebody with a great ability to diagnose our nation's current woes in a common-sense fashion and they prove the ignorance of those who dismiss the brainpower of folks in the sports entertainment business.

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