Wednesday, July 15, 2009

FDH Lounge Show #65: July 15, 2009

By Rick Morris

The 65th edition of THE FDH LOUNGE on (Wednesdays, 7-10 PM EDT) revolves around two great themes: interviews with top sportscasters and entertaining analysis from our FDH Lounge Dignitaries.

At the top of Hour One and the top of Hour Three we have two of today's top broadcasters coming into The Lounge to give an overview of the present sports scene. Chip Caray and Kenny Albert will be occupying those spots, respectively, and it will be a pleasure to add them to our roster of impressive guests.

In between those segments, our Dignitaries will chew over some interesting topics:

^ The Opening Statements of The FDH Lounge Dignitaries.
^ This Week in The FDH Lounge.
^ The long-awaited return of our "Wimp or Pimp" segment: tonight, we settle the notion of whether it is ever justified for a fan to "go into exile" and root for his team to lose and suffer in the short term so as to get rid of a horrible front office or coaching regime.
^ MLB at the All-Star break: What are some of the most consequential stories of the year so far and what looms on the horizon in the second half?
^ "Dream" sporting events: How to actually make soccer relevant (and popular) in this country with some help from FIFA and a "best of the best" in motorsports that could be of vast interest. We preview forthcoming FDH Lounge columns about sports happenings that make too much sense not to exist any longer.
^ A preview of next week's second annual FDH Lounge Pantheon episode: The FDH Academy of Arts and Sciences is casting ballots right now to salute the best of the best in 16 different categories.

After we speak with Kenny Albert, we move into a belated version of THE FANTASYDRAFTHELP.COM INSIDER with a look at the fantasy football players who achieved areas of notable separation in 2008 and a preview of our "Ultimate Stat" for fantasy hoops in 2009-10. THE GOON SQUAD is on hiatus tonight and at least next week as our Pantheon broadcast will consume the entire three hours, but fear not, hockey fans, we will be bringing back that "show within a show" in the next few weeks as we progress through the deadest part of the calendar for that sport.

It’s going to be a great program and we hope you can be a part of our audience. As always, we urge you to watch the show live (or listen if you’re on dial-up), but if you can’t catch this as it’s happening, you can always catch the FDH archives 24-7 right here or catch us now on iTunes!

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