Tuesday, December 22, 2009

FDH Lounge Show #84: December 23, 2009

By Rick Morris

From time to time, our "nothing is off-topic" program THE FDH LOUNGE (Wednesdays, 7-10 PM EST on SportsTalkNetwork.com) spends an entire night on one compelling theme and this episode is one such occasion. The end of a decade only comes up once every ten years, if our rudimentary grasp of math is correct, and we've got a heck of a way to celebrate that.

Our labor-of-love eBook DISSECTING THE DECADES: THE FDH LOUNGE LOOKS BACK AND AHEAD AT THE FIRST 20 YEARS OF THE NEW MILLENNIUM has been completed and is now available to be consumed. You can read the book's explanatory statement and Table of Contents here.

This entire show will revolve around this theme, looking back at where we've just been and peering over the horizon to see where we're going. This should be an amazing and memorable night, because The Dignitaries of The FDH Lounge love to break down a wide variety of topics and we've got a great many to address on this show.

The show is more or less divided with the first half being non-sports and the second half being sports-related. Part I flows like this:

^ biggest news stories
^ pop culture/entertainment
^ "sports entertainment"
^ interview with Liz Claman of Fox Business News (her second appearance on the show) to discuss finance and the economy

And here's Part II
^ miscellaneous non-sports that falls outside the purview of the "Big 4"
^ hockey
^ baseball
^ hoops
^ football

It's going to be a great night; we will reference some of the features from the eBook in the course of the evening as reference points, but the discussions will also stand on their own. We believe we will break down the first 20 years of the 21st century like nobody else could -- or would even attempt to try.

As always, we urge you to watch the show live (or listen if you’re on dial-up), but if you can’t catch this as it’s happening, you can always catch the FDH archives 24-7 right here or catch us now on iTunes!

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