Sunday, March 28, 2010

WrestleMania 26 predictions

By Rick Morris

Here's some quick predictions on how this year's big show (BTW, the REAL 25th anniversary of WrestleMania -- way to do the shortsighted marketing last year, guys) will go:

^ Divas match: Heels win, probably with Vickie Guerrero getting the pinfall and suffering through a post-match "WrestleMania moment" humiliation.

^ Rey-Rey vs CM Punk: The stip gives it away; CM Punk wins and forces Mysterio to join his cult.

^ Money in the Bank: With the Money in the Bank PPV coming up later this year, the briefcase has to get cashed in very soon. The likeliest scenario for seeing it used today would be if Christian won and turned on Edge after the World Title match, so we'll go with that.

^ Triple Threat Match: Randy Orton continues his strange "evolution" to antihero megaface with the win here.

^ World Tag Title Match: ShowMiz has to retain, because there is far more invested in their tag team than the slapdash unit assembled to face them.

^ Triple H vs. Sheamus: Sheamus is Triple H's backstage protege, right? This is the chance to really elevate him. No greater love hath one man for another than ... uh, yeah, right. Triple H goes over, albeit after Sheamus ends up looking stronger than the typical HHH opponent.

^ Street Fight: Bret Hart wins, albeit probably surviving interference attempts against him from the Hart Dynasty (who have been way too quiet throughout this storyline, probably attempting to set up a big swerve tonight).

^ World Title Match: As indicated earlier, Edge gets his revenge and then falls victim to Christian immediately for the first ever WrestleMania briefcase cash-in.

^ The Streak vs. The Career: All of the Shawn Michaels retirement talk is starting to feel thick enough to be a swerve. Although there are far better uses for the end of the streak (i.e. John Cena), HBK gets the duke and his "spring vacation" gets set up in another way.

^ WWE Title Match: The booking is predictable from here on in, although the storyline leading up to the match was spun as well as it could possibly have been done. John Cena regains the title in what will probably be the show closer.

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