Thursday, April 15, 2010

NBA Playoff predictions - Round One

By Rick Morris

1 LA Lakers over 8 Oklahoma City in 6 -- If you think the Lakers aren't worried about a tough and potentially long series, then consider why Phil Jackson is working the officials days before the games even start.
2 Dallas over 7 San Antonio in 7 -- Dirk/Duncan 5 is going to go right down to the wire, with the deadline acquisitions made by the Mavs trumping the disappointing Richard Jefferson.
3 Phoenix over 6 Portland in 6 -- Even without Roy and Oden, the Blazers have the depth to stay competitive against a hot squad.
4 Denver over 5 Utah in 7 -- The Nuggets can overcome an absent George Karl by the skin of their teeth with home court adventage and a somewhat better bench.
1 Cleveland over 8 Chicago in 5 -- Like "Transformers," the league's best team will start to deploy a level of shape-shifting to fit any situation and the Bulls will be on the receiving end of Number 23's magic this time around.
2 Orlando over 7 Charlotte in 5 -- The Bobcats are pesky, but Orlando is on an inevitable path to the big rematch in the Eastern Conference Finals.
3 Atlanta over 6 Milwaukee in 5 -- Without Andrew Bogut, the Bucks will have trouble matching up with the versatile Hawks.
4 Boston over Miami in 7 -- The decrepit Celts have enough to limp by a Heat team without enough firepower to advance in the playoffs.


1 LA Lakers over Denver in 6
2 Dallas over Phoenix in 6

1 Cleveland over Boston in 4
2 Orlando over Atlanta in 6

1 LA Lakers over 2 Dallas in 6
1 Cleveland over 2 Orlando in 6

Cleveland over LA Lakers in 6

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