Saturday, August 14, 2010

The Multimedia Magazine celebrates 3 years

By Rick Morris

Three years ago today, we launched this site as part of our continuing expansion into as many aspects of New Media as possible. We’ve recapped our brand’s accomplishments many times previously, so it would probably be excessive to do so again here, but I want to express on behalf of the FDH partners and everyone who has been a part of the FDH family our appreciation to those who have followed us and appreciated the path we have blazed. This is an absolutely unique media property in its scope and ambition and it could not have even been remotely possible prior to the digital age because we have had to build it on a shoestring. As I have said before, it has evolved into the kind of creative entity that I had subconsciously sought my entire life and I’m not alone in the FDH ranks in feeling that way. In a world of constant change, you can count on this: nothing is off-topic with us and nothing ever will be.

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