Monday, January 17, 2011

THE FDH LOUNGE 4th Anniversary Press Release

By Rick Morris

NOTE: This press release announces the developments surrounding the fourth anniversary of The FDH Lounge program and brand.

THE FDH LOUNGE Announces Huge Guests, Initiatives to Celebrate 4th Anniversary

THE FDH LOUNGE (Tuesdays, 7-10 PM EST on marks its fourth anniversary on the air on January 18, 2011 with some incredible guests and an array of initiatives being unveiled that will further propel the show and the brand forward.

The Lounge, which started as a bi-weekly Sunday night program on January 14, 2007, moved to a weekly slot on Wednesday nights in December 2008 before assuming the present timeslot two years later. The credo from the first episode has been “Nothing is off-topic,” as The FDH Lounge “Dignitaries” tackled any and all interesting topics – ranging from sports, fantasy sports, pop culture, politics, geopolitics, music, movies, pro wrestling, general news and other areas relevant to their audience. In so doing, the show has lived up to the other original billing, “The Great American Radio Show on Internet TV.”

With the addition of FDH Senior Producer and Vice President for Strategic Planning Steve Cirvello in 2008, high-level guest booking was added to the mix in a substantial way. As such, the anniversary show is representative of the huge addition he has made to the show. The legendary Bob Barker will be making his third appearance in The FDH Lounge, in addition to one of the greatest pro wrestling legends of all time, Superstar Billy Graham.

FDH Managing Partner Rick Morris is quick to point out how every element in this incomparable mix has been instrumental in making the ambitious concept work so well.

“As executive producer and lead on-air host, I am privileged to be a part of the strongest, deepest ensemble of creative minds that anyone could ever assemble,” said Morris. “These people, who are also my great friends, have helped me back up my words about how great this project without any limits on subject matter would be. Additionally, Steve’s injection of guests, both famous and those who deserve to be famous, has given us credibility far beyond what we would have otherwise attained and we take the regard those guests have for us very seriously. The respect from our audience means the world to us as well.”

In a similar vein, Morris expressed his thoughts, observations and areas of appreciation last spring on the occasion of the program’s 100th episode.

Further insight was offered by the man dubbed by Morris the “artistic dynamo” of The FDH Lounge, Senior Editor and Creative Director Jason Jones.

“I have had the time of my life creating our logos and other artwork in addition to the audio and video imaging of this program. FDH Entertainment Editor (my wife) Samantha Jones, has been instrumental in working with me in these areas,” said Jones. “It’s amazing to believe that everything we have built has stemmed from the origins of a conversation Rick and I had in a rainy parking lot in late 2006. We were so excited by the possibilities, but neither of us could have envisioned everything that has come in the last four years.”

The FDH Lounge (home page located here and moving to by March 1) has expanded into several other complementary spheres in the past four years, including blogging, an eBook and social media. Information about all of these projects can be found at the home page. The Lounge is also benefiting from a technological upgrade at their broadcast outlet,, making possible the following initiatives:

^ New HD cameras, being augmented by sophisticated video and improved on-screen graphics.

^ Full archiving of video programming as opposed to merely the audio versions available through the first four years at The FDH Lounge home page on The Sports Talk Network website.

^ The inclusion of the show’s entire catalog at The FDH Lounge home page on iTunes.

^ The FDH Lounge Ultimate Anthology (partially in place with a completion date of March 1), a selection of 125+ of the greatest segments in the history of the program, available both on and iTunes.

“Our show continues to evolve in a positive direction by continuing to add new concepts, core cast members and platforms,” said Morris. “It is a mosaic of countless media influences that we have had, as well as people who we have worked with professionally. While we do not know the shape or form, we do know that we will be experiencing more exponential growth between now and our fifth anniversary in January 2012 and we invite everyone on board for this wild ride.”

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