Sunday, January 15, 2012

FDH unveils its “Mega-Episodes”

By Rick Morris

One day after celebrating our program’s fifth anniversary, we’re unveiling our first initiative of the next five years. Onward and upward.

Having packaged together our fifth anniversary mini-episodes as one coherent whole, as we did previously with our mini-episodes leading up to our 500th hour of programming this past November, the path was established to organize our segments in a way closer to the way they were when we produced full-length episodes (which we intend to return to doing, by the way, hopefully in 2012).

Henceforth, we’re going to take each month’s worth of programming and bundle the many hours of variety right here. It allows our old and new listeners to experience the program as it was previously when one subject would launch right into another one in another area – with the process repeating itself continuously. For this project, we’re going to revive the identity of The FDH Lounge Vault, which had been utilized as a name brand for best-of episodes from our work that was carried by our previous distributor.

We’re very excited for the opportunity for all FDH Lounge content consumers to view our work through a variety of forums and platforms. We promise that the next five years will even outshine the great work of the first five.

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