Thursday, June 27, 2013

2013 NBA Draft insta-analysis

By The 21st Century Media Alliance

The FDH Lounge and The 21st Century Media Alliance cover the 2013 NBA Draft with Rick Morris, Paul Pasek, Jason Jones, Ben Chew and Christopher Galloway.

Paul: BREAKING NEWS: Cavs are selecting me 1st overall.

Rick: Paul, right now your wheels are better than Nerlens Noel's. #TryYourWaiterAndTipTheVeal

Paul: That's true and my hair is better too.

Ben: #ImBack

Jason: I'm not in front of a TV yet, but despite what the quote experts are saying, let me say this...

ALEX LEN!!!!!!!

Rick: BTW, Jason, biggest draft-night steal right here:

Rick: If the Cavs keep the pick, it needs to be Macklemore. Most talented player. #RayAllen2K13 #ImGonnaPopSomeTags

Rick: As a Cavs fan, the only thing I can promise is that I'll be disappointed.

Ben: Anthony Bennett time!

Rick: Somebody PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE tell me Bennett can play the 3! #SoYoureSayingTheresAChance

Ben: LOL, he can play

Jason: I don't know what the heck is going on. FB is not updating. Getting notification ms that you guys are talking but I can't see it.

Rick: Can't wait until you catch up, Jason, so you can see how masterfully I trolled you above!


Jason: If that Ohio Bobcat gets drafted, then Sherwood Brown of my Florida Gulf Coast Eagles better get picked.

Jason: Did they really take Bennett? I'm speechless. There were 3 acceptable players (in my opinion). Bennett was not one of them.

Rick: 1 Bennett to CLE 2 Oladipo to ORL 3 Porter to WAS 4 Zeller to CHA

Jason: Yes Rick, he can play the 3. In a similar vein of Lebron. 6'8, 240, physically dominate. Takes it to the rack any time he can, but he can hit shots. I'm actually intrigued by this pick.

Jason: I love how the supposed "experts" kept saying Noel, McLemore, Porter. Not necessarily in that order, but those are the three that will be off the board going into pick 4.

Rick: 5 Len to PHO #UkraineNotWeak!

Paul: Len before Noel. Nerlens will fall to Cle at 19 lol.

Paul: Or not. Pelicans get their man

Rick: And Nerlens Noel is a Pelican. #TheUnibrowANDKidNPlay? #TeamsWillAverageOnly70PPGOnThem

Jason: Now Noel next to Davis is brilliant. One guy who scores extremely well next to a guy who can hardly score. It's like Nerlens Noel + Anthony Davis = the perfect big.

Rick: One of them scores extremely well? LOLZ

Rick: McLemore to Sacramento. #KingsFansSayThisIsF#&kingAwesome

Jason: I'm gonna let that one slide...

Paul: When David Stern leaves the stage tonight, he'll do it with a crotch chop and a "suck it"

Paul: Noel to.Philly? Hmmm

Rick: It's the Pope of Auburn Hills!

Paul: Prince of Bel Air was a better show.

Rick: Trey Burke to MIN! #RickyRubioSezHi

Rick: Trey Burke's mom's voice puts me in mind of Dave Chappelle imitating a white person.

Rick: McCollum to PORT? Wow, Minnesota thinks they have a clogged depth chart at PG.

Rick: OK, so Burke is headed to Utah, allegedly. Here's hoping he's not going to wear disturbing, grape-hugging short shorts just because he'll be their PG.

Rick: So Carter-Williams, another guy who hyphenated his name with his wife's, goes to Philly.

Jason: I'm so confused. GET ME TO A DAMN TV!!!

Rick: Yeah, being in front of a TV doesn't make this less confusing. #WhatInTheWideWideWorldOfSportsIsGoingOnHere?

Rick: Wait, the X Games are being contested in Munich? Here's hoping there's some semblance of security in place this time!

Rick: Steven Adams to OKC! #TieMeKangarooDownSportTieMeKangarooDown #OopsWrongCountry!

Rick: Obligatory non-NBA note: my favorite Aussie Rules Football team, the Western Bulldogs, just hired Graham Lowe as their new general manager. #JustAShadeOffTopic

Jason: Any update on the trade? Noel for Carter-Williams? Was there anyone else in the deal?

Rick: That ain't it. Noel for Jrue & a 2014 #1.

Rick: Kelly Olynyk picked by Dallas, goes to Boston. #BetterTheCeltsThanMyCavs!

Paul: Nothing is off topic. That's how we roll.

Jason: Wow, I like Jrue Holiday to New Orleans. Olynyk to Boston is intriguing.

Jason: Rick, you don't like Whitey McNeedsahaircut?

Rick: Shabazz Muhammad to Utah. Isn't he a little ... um ... exotic for that fanbase? #NotSayingAnythingAboutThoseFansPerSe

Rick: Not as such, Jason. And given that the Cavs were rumored to be acquiring the Dallas pick, bullet dodged!

Rick: Giannis I-Ain't-Spelling-Out-The-Last-Name goes to Milwaukee.

Rick: And Shabazz goes to Minny in the trade. #HowzAboutHimAndKLoveToTheCavsForEveryoneNotNamedKyrie?

Jason: I'm good with that. Kyrie, Shabazz, Love and 34 million for free agents. I like it

Rick: Now that's a Big Three we can believe in!

Rick: Lucas The Brazilian Dude With Weird Hair goes to Boston. #HowAboutThemApples?

Paul: He needs a bigger hat

Rick: Dennis Schroeder to Atlanta. #NotAnAryanGerman

Rick: Shane Larkin is a His-Awk!

Paul: Cavs are up. Whatcha think?

Rick: The Cavs should pick Crabbe. Because they evidently hate me (and all fans), it will be Karasev.

Paul: Larkin looks to be a His-Mav now.

Paul: Karasev is the rumor I heard too.

Paul: There it is.

Rick: Proving yet again that fatalism is the key to accurately forecasting a Cavs' pick.

Rick: Tony Snell to Chicago. Most noteworthy export from New Mexico since Heisenberg.

Rick: Dieng goes to Utah to be the new Osterfat.

Rick: Mason Plumlee is the new designated big-man stiff for the Nets now that Kris Humphries is going to be gone.

Rick: Indiana takes Solomon Hill, a four-year senior. #ThePacersBeingThePacers

Rick: UTEP 2-Step Jr. goes to the Knicks.

Rick: Andre Roberson to Denver -- en route to Golden State?

Jason: With two picks remaining (assuming they haven't traded them) I want Jamaal Franklin. Just throwing it out there

Rick: Rudy Go-Bear to Denver!

Chris: Jason and me agreeing on a pic! Give me Franklin!

Rick: Franklin over Cooper? #Travishamockery

Rick: Archie Goodwin rounds out OKC's post-hype bench crew with Perry Jones 3 and Jeremy Lamb.

Chris: Cooper at 33.

Rick: IT OFFICIAL! Pierce and KG going to Brooklyn. #WhatAGreatDealIfThisWere2003Not2013

Chris: Crabbe! Well he can shoot.

Rick: I think they're gonna trade him just to troll me.

Chris: Well, the Cavs can go Franklin or Cooper and I would be happy at 33.

Chris: Felix.  Huh.

Rick: Tony Mitchell with an excellent value pick to Detroit.

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