Wednesday, December 18, 2013

The Bob Barker sessions

By Rick Morris

As our “nothing is off-topic” talk show moves towards its seventh anniversary in January 2014, our greatest honor by far has been the granting of conversations with one of America’s greatest legends, Bob Barker.  Since 2009, we have caught up with him periodically and talked about matters of importance in his life during his retirement.  He and his publicist, Henri Bollinger, himself one of the most important men in the entertainment business, have entrusted us to provide a record of these years.  After our fifth conversation, which was conducted this week, we’re up to a collective two hours and ten minutes of content.

For the first time, here are all of the discussions presented together (please note that the broadcast information presented on the third segment is a relic of our previous arrangement).  We’re sure that you will be impressed, as we are, with the communications skills, continued vitality and basic human decency of this American icon.





















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