Sunday, April 26, 2020

2020 FDH NFL Draft rankings

By Rick Morris

All of our rankings are based on the Jason Jones Top 75 Overall from PRO FOOTBALL DRAFTOLOGY 2020.

Up first are the raw numerical rankings, with 75 points for the top player on the list all the way down to 1 point for #75 on the list.

1 Miami
2 Jacksonville
3T Dallas
3T New York Giants
5 Carolina
6 Los Angeles Chargers
7T Minnesota
7T Washington
9T Cleveland
9T Dallas
11 Cincinnati
12 New Orleans
13 Las Vegas
14T Arizona
14T Baltimore
16 Tampa Bay
17 Houston
18 Buffalo
19 Denver
20 New York Jets
21 San Francisco
22 Philadelphia
23 Indianapolis
24 Chicago
25 Green Bay
26 Tennessee
27T New England
27T Seattle
29 Atlanta
30T Los Angeles Rams
30T Pittsburgh
32 Kansas City

Next are the rankings purely based on filling team needs, also from PRO FOOTBALL DRAFTOLOGY 2020.  Attempting to fill the top need earns 75 points, the #2 need is 50 points, the #3 need is 25 points, the #4 need is 10 points and the #5 need is 5 points.

1 Houston
2T Cleveland
2T Minnesota
4 Detroit
5 Jacksonville
6T Arizona
6T Atlanta
6T Miami
9T Los Angeles Chargers
9T New York Jets
11T Baltimore
11T Carolina
11T Cincinnati
11T Dallas
11T Las Vegas
11T New Orleans
11T Tampa Bay
11T Washington
19 Tennessee
20T Chicago
20T Denver
20T Los Angeles Rams
20T New York Giants
20T Philadelphia
20T Pittsburgh
26T Kansas City
26T Seattle
28 New England
29T Buffalo
29T Green Bay
29T Indianapolis
29T San Francisco

This is a mashup of the other two rankings, giving a balanced sense of how teams acquired star power in the Top 75 Overall and what they did to address their needs.

1T Detroit
1T Jacksonville
1T Miami
4 Minnesota
5 Cleveland
6 Los Angeles Chargers
7 Carolina
8T Houston
8T Washington
10T Arizona
10T Dallas
12 Cincinnati
13T New Orleans
13T New York Giants
15 Las Vegas
16 Baltimore
17 Tampa Bay
18 New York Jets
19 Atlanta
20 Denver
21 Philadelphia
22 Chicago
23 Tennessee
24 Buffalo
25T Los Angeles Rams
25T Pittsburgh
25T San Francisco
28 Indianapolis
29 Seattle
30 Green Bay
31 New England
32 Kansas City

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