Thursday, September 24, 2009

The Liberals' Pathetic Attack on Glenn Beck

By Tony Mazur

It has taken a number of years, but Glenn Beck is a media superstar. I have personally been a fan of Beck since his radio show went national, though my local news talk station WTAM dropped him in favor of Jerry Springer back in 2005 (Beck has since returned to WTAM). As a loyal Beck fan, I am apparently one of a few people that understand his humor.

On his September 23rd program on the Fox News Channel, Beck discussed his recent remarks about his disdain for Senator John McCain. He used an analogy about boiling a frog in a pot of water to explain the difference between a McCain and a Barack Obama presidency, and he used a scalding hot pot of water and live frogs. Sounds crazy, right? Where's PETA?

Here is one snippet of the segment.

You'll notice that the frog that he has in his hand jumps out as he takes his hand out of the cage. And I'm not sure if he even threw anything into the water. Funny, the video "mysteriously" cuts off just as Beck says the frog demonstration was fake.

Don't believe me? Here's is the full context of the segment.

The liberals and the mainstream media are out to get Beck, just as they have attacked Rush Limbaugh, Sarah Palin, Michelle Malkin, Mark Levin, and Ann Coulter over the years. With the Democrats in full possession of Congress, why are the liberals attacking right-wing commentators?

Because they are terrified.

They have attacked these people to the point where they will spread vicious rumors about them. There is a website that calls for an investigation into a rape and murder covered up by Beck from 1990. For those who are scratching your heads, this is a tasteless spin on a joke made by Gilbert Gottfried during The Comedy Central Roast of Bob Saget, which had absolutely nothing to do with Beck. However, so imbeciles are actively trying to discredit Beck by indoctrinating ignorant and, frankly, stupid people on the internet.

Funny. I thought that the liberals are the nice folks, and those big, bad conservatives are hate-mongers. That doesn't seem like a nice thing to do.

If you've watched a minute or two of Beck's FNC show, you'll notice how Beck attempts to expose corruption in the government on both sides of the aisle. Gee, I thought Obama was the one person who was going to destroy racial and political divides?

Rather than focusing on the health care situation like other FNC hosts Bill O'Reilly and Sean Hannity, Beck has exposed Van Jones, Cass Sunstein, Mark Lloyd, and others who are attempting to bring down America through organizations such as ACORN, the Apollo Alliance, and the Tides Foundation. Beck is not trying to bring down America. He is trying to get people informed about what is really going on under this corrupt administration.

The liberals attack Beck because they are afraid of him. They are afraid because of his large audience. They are afraid because he speaks the truth. In their eyes, they have no choice but to take him down a few pegs by spreading lies.

By the way, Beck's show airs at 5 PM ET/2 PM PT on Fox News, and re-airs at 2 AM ET/11 PM PT. That is a tough timeslot, but has pulled in roughly 3 million viewers. plus, his radio show is the third most listened-to program in the country.

When will liberal bloggers grow up? I can't speak for all, but the majority of right-wingers do not stood to these low levels. The right brought down Van Jones because he is a radical communist and racist. The left wants to bring down Beck because he exposed a radical communist and racist.

Whether or not you agree with Beck, he is doing the right thing for the country. He is a whistle-blower. We need more people like this on both sides to expose corruption, no matter who is president.

I just thought I'd end this post with a video I found on YouTube. Back in the '80s, Beck co-hosted one of those zany morning zoo radio shows. I'm glad Glenn got out of wacky trash like this. His career sure benefited.

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