Monday, May 3, 2010

FDH Lounge 100th Episode lingering thoughts

By Rick Morris

Just for the sake of reference about our 100th show ... our press release is here, my column with my personal thoughts is located here and the show rundown is here.

Honestly, in my capacity as FDH Managing Partner, it was my obligation to my partners and to our many stakeholders to pump this occasion up as much as I possibly could. Let's face it, milestones such as this one really give you credibility and I was determined to milk as much as I could out of it in order to help set the stage for future growth. There I am, honest to a fault!

I viewed this occasion in a fairly cold-eyed manner, something that did get me excited, but something I saw more as a means to an end in terms of spreading the word about what we do. While I'm way more of a creative type professionally than anything else, I have certainly adapted to being the person responsible for carrying the ball on our business moves.

I just have to say that I was unprepared -- in a good way -- for the reinvigorating vibe that just absolutely surrounded this show. There were numerous friends who reached out to us to offer congratulations, which I really appreciated. Additionally, the blend of new and old -- a look at some of our great moments while making new history with some entertaining moments in real time -- really got my blood flowing, as did the reintegration of some classic FDH Lounge Dignitaries and the show's reimaging by my wonderful partners Jason and Samantha Jones. It was just a moment of real artistic triumph as I got slapped in the face yet again by the magnitude of what we are doing, creating a program that dares to talk about any interesting topic under the sun at any time.

It served as just another reminder of how divinely inspired this whole project is, with all of the requisite pieces right under my nose at the outset and how the subsequent ones (not least of which The FDH New York Bureau Steve Cirvello!) have materialized since. What I have to do is to be the guy who ties everything together and gets the most out of everyone, certainly including myself.

Creatively, there is nothing in the world that I would rather do. Thanks to the countless people who contributed in ways large and small to getting us to this point and keep the faith as we keep steering onward and upward.

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