Saturday, May 15, 2010

NBA Playoff predictions -- Conference Finals

By Rick Morris

Orlando over Boston in 6: Never mind what we just saw (witnessed?), the Celtics are who Dennis Green thought they were, albeit with a bit more give to KG's knee at this moment and a rapidly progressing star in PG Rondo. The "heart of a champion" gaga would have a bit more credence to it if any of the Rapidly Aging Three had ever won anything on their own. No, in the conference finals, they won't be lucky enough to see a better team underachieve against them -- although there is always hope that a chronic loser like Vince Carter can infect those around him. "Master of Panic" Stan Van Gundy will attack Boston with the athleticism that somehow Mike Brown never thought to employ.

LA Lakers over Phoenix in 6: The Lakers aren't where they were a year ago, but the Suns probably still don't have enough to get over the hump in the West. Steve Nash's ability to quarterback an upset will be hobbled by Phil Jackson having worked the refs already -- a tactic which always works for him, by the way, to the apparent approval of the league. With Lebron's elbow woes having contributed an early exit for the now-former #23 (not yet now-former Cav, New York!), look for Kobe to milk his injury to an Academy Award sympathy performance in keeping with his standing as sports' most utterly synthetic human being.

Orlando over LA Lakers in 6

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