Monday, May 31, 2010

Our 2,000th link -- honoring our heroes, the veterans

By Rick Morris

Our FDH Ultimate Links Page has been growing in stature for quite some time, living up to its billing as the ultimate home on the Internet for useful and entertaining links. Belying our start as a purely-sports company, our sports links now account for barely over 41% of the overall total. A breakdown of our composition is below.

But first, our announcement about the website chosen to serve as the 2,000th link added to the page. Knowing that we would be approaching that milestone somewhere in the vicinity of Memorial Day, we chose to use it to embrace the true meaning of the holiday. Our 2,000th link is Veterans Tribute, with a URL of, the most well-rounded site of this nature that we could find. We salute them for the work that they have done in paying proper tribute to our ultimate heroes and we wish them countless hits to their website and any other measures of success that they can generate.

Here is the updated breakdown of links in our 52 categories on "the one web page you'd like to have with you on a desert island."

MLB Depth Charts: 30
NFL Depth Charts: 32
NBA Depth Charts: 30
MLB Official Team Websites: 30
NFL Official Team Websites: 32
NBA Official Team Websites: 30
NHL Official Team Websites: 30
Injury Reports & Pitching Probables: 5
Sporting Event Weather Forecasts: 6
Statistics: 13
Fantasy Sports: 9
Player Salaries: 4
Major Sports Media: 30
New Sports Media: 57
Sports Business Media: 26
Racing Media: 13
Niche Sports Media: 41
MMA Media: 19
CBS Sports: 44
Hockey Blogs: 25
Hockey Media: 15
NHL Line Combinations: 30
SportsTalkNetwork: 18
Miscellaneous Sports: 50
Hoops Blogs: 23
Sports Multimedia: 11
Hoops Media: 13
Football Blogs: 16
Football Media: 11
Message Boards: 8
Baseball Blogs: 23
Baseball Media: 28
Hall of Fame: 7
Major Leagues: 5
Other Leagues: 57

Blog/Search/Video Tools: 99
FDH Lounge Dignitaries on Twitter: 15
Completely Random: 89
Fun Timewasters: 42
General News/Media: 69
Geopolitics: 25
Health/Wellness: 16
Humor: 51
Politics/Public Policy: 106
Pop Culture Goodies: 14
TV/Film/Music/Books/General Entertainment: 157
Webcasting: 16
Virtual Mall: 50
Web Tools/Consumer/Career: 123
Web Tools/General: 201
Web Tools/Markets/Financial: 63
Worthwhile Causes: 44

TOTAL: 2,000

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