Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Romney kicks Larry Craig when he's down

By Rick Morris

Mitt Romney, a "late convert" (to be excessively generous) to the causes of protecting the unborn and the sanctity of marriage, did not miss an opportunity today to show his true colors as he threw longtime supporter Larry Craig under the bus.

Romney claims to be a Christian, although some would say that he's part of the hierarchy of an insular religious institution founded by a heretic (side note: I love the use of the Nixonian "some would say" to make a point!). Doubtless the previous sentence would enrage Hugh Hewitt -- who proclaims legitimate questions about electing a Mormon as president to be religious bigotry -- but he's in the tank for Romney anyway, as he proves every time he sticks a passive-aggressive shiv in the back of Real American Fred Thompson. But, back on point: would a real Christian pile on such an ardent supporter in this manner? I think not.

Unfortunately, in these graceless times, the shallow expediency of a Romney and the infantile gloating of hateful pinko blogs are the norm for a situation such as this. I wish to differ, as I often do. I certainly don't condone what Larry Craig has, in all likelihood, done, not just now, but probably over a long period of time. I think his state and his country would be better off if he were to acknowledge that his effectiveness has been fatally compromised and resign. But I am not going to develop amnesia about what he has done for his country over his decades of service in Congress. He has posted a fine legislative record, particularly on Second Amendment issues and was a principled voice in a town with far too few. I feel let down by his actions, but I feel compassion for his shame and that of his family. They are in my prayers, even if they are just so much discarded garbage to the likes of "Moral" Mitt Romney.

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