Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Welcome to The FDH Lounge blog!

By Rick Morris

It is my pleasure to welcome all of you to the newest addition to the FantasyDrafthelp.com media family, an accompaniment to our revolutionary Internet TV program The FDH Lounge. This is The FDH Lounge blog, where the Dignitaries of The FDH Lounge can pontificate on any subject under the sun.

For those of you less familiar with FantasyDrafthelp.com and the Lounge, I will provide some background. FantasyDrafthelp.com, or FDH as it is commonly known, amicably spun off in February 2006 from Drafthelp.com, a site which has contained the writings of many great fantasy sports analysts since 2000. I took over the operations of FantasyDrafthelp.com at that time, with the help of my new partner Jason Jones. Since 2003, I had been serving as Drafthelp.com’s representative on SportsTalkNetwork.com (also known as STN), the Internet’s most listened-to station of its kind (source: Alexa.com). I have appeared on a variety of STN programs through the years, providing both fantasy sports and general sports analysis.

In addition to our other regular appearances on the network, Jason and I host and produce THE FANTASYDRAFTHELP.COM INSIDER (Thursdays from 9-11 PM EDT), a weekly Internet TV show on STN with a four-year history behind it. We pride ourselves on covering the widest array of fantasy sports under the sun, and while we devote the lion’s share of attention to the major fantasy sports, we’ve also had mock drafts on the show for events such as the Olympics, the Triple Crown and even the Fourth of July hot dog eating contest! We work for maximum synergy in tying together all aspects of the FDH brand, so the show reflects the work of the FDH website and blog to the greatest extent possible.

Under the FDH banner, we were privileged to assemble a wonderful array of contributors to the site. Our roster expanded with even more great minds once The FDH Lounge was conceived. In short, with the vast array of interests and expertise that we had on our staff, we felt that we needed to expand beyond the fantasy sports industry. While fantasy sports is still our primary focus at FDH, as evidenced by the constantly-updating content of our site, our blog, our Internet TV program and our forthcoming fantasy sports instructional DVD, it was no longer a big enough banner for everything we were capable of producing. So, on January 14, 2007, The FDH Lounge premiered on STN, after weeks of ambiguous advertising promising a mind-blowing assemblage of compelling entertainment. It appears live every other Sunday night from 8-11 PM EDT on STN.

With 14 episodes now “in the can,” The Lounge has lived up to the billing of being the program “where nothing is off-topic.” The Lounge’s “Dignitaries” pontificate on anything and everything relevant in the world today, from sports to politics to music to geopolitics to movies back to sports again to celebrity gossip to everything in between. Additionally, in assuming the lineup spot of one of STN’s most popular programs, Sunday Night Submission, we have occasionally provided programming of interest to the “sports entertainment” and MMA audience that Sunday Night Submission served so well. The former Sunday Night Submission hosts themselves have appeared as Lounge Dignitaries, most recently in the immediate aftermath of the Chris Benoit family tragedy when intelligent media commentary on the situation was scarce indeed.

Regardless of the topic, The FDH Lounge has been able to provide entertaining and informative commentary on a wider array of subjects than any other show anywhere, with the wisdom of educated individuals mixed with the wit of Happy Hour at the local tavern. Whether through interesting conversation with authors and other invited guests or through no-holds-barred Dignitary roundtables, The FDH Lounge has delivered on the promise of wide-ranging fun from the very first show.

So now, having established what The FDH Lounge brand is all about, it’s time to bring our product to the blogosphere. We certainly have an urge to pontificate more often than once every 14 days, and many of our Dignitaries will be taking advantage of this platform to deliver any cogent rants and analysis on any subject that we deem necessary to share. I would certainly anticipate that we may be introducing some new Dignitaries to you through these means as well. Whether you’re an established FDH Lounge listener or somebody who’s discovering us for the very first time, I urge you to check out our content, to comment on our writing and programming either on the blog or on our program’s message board and to give us the chance to entertain you as only we can.

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