Thursday, September 17, 2009

Tremendous Week: FJM reunion on Deadspin

By Rick Morris

This week, The 21st Century Media Alliance celebrates Tremendous Week as dak, Junior and Ken Tremendous reunited Fire Joe Morgan for one day yesterday in the form of a takeover of Deadspin. This was done as a means of promoting the "Tremendous" season premiere of Parks and Recreation tonight at 8:30 EDT on NBC. It is worth noting that The Alliance will be covering that in the form of a liveblog on Googling Atlee Hammaker and we will follow that with a liveblog of another "Tremendous" show right here on The FDH Lounge, my favorite of all time, The Office -- which follows immediately afterward on NBC.

The beloved but relatively short-lived FJM blog was voted Blog of the Year by Busted Coverage readers in 2007 and the focus on gleefully and hilariously eviscerating idiotic content all across the sports landscape endeared them to fun-loving people everywhere. And that last sentence actually is a perfect example of something they would mock relentlessly for puffing up the nature of what they did -- and we wouldn't have it any other way! So pull on your Fremulon Insurance hoodie and relive with us the one day where the FJM crew put the band back together again.

Because the headlines themselves were so good, we're not going to do the whole cooler-than-thou deal of embedding the links into text like we did above. You should see the headlines for yourselves in the links and that's how we'll list them below, along with notes about the different topics: -- We lead off with an introduction, recap about the site and FAQ in the same tone we've been missing since they signed off last November. -- Somebody wrote about "scrappy players" and "grinders." Oh my ... do you think they'd have dared resort to such hackery if they knew FJM was coming back even momentarily? Yeah, me neither. -- Apparently some writer got the idea that MLB players had some special insight about the passings of Jacko'n'Farrah earlier this summer. The line-by-line disembowelment of their tedious prose -- a style which will never, ever get old and which I miss greatly, have I mentioned that yet? -- proves differently. -- Another food metaphor? Really? And parsley? Child please. -- It figures that Derek Jeter would have one of his greatest seasons at a time when the fellas weren't around to cut through the deification crap -- oh wait, they just did! -- If the element of FJM that you missed the most was seeing out-of-touch scribes taken down with ruthless force for their vapid takes, you don't want to miss this one. -- I admit, I like me some Norman Chad, but the last thing you want to do is to take him too seriously on some of his wacky tirades. The FJM guys illustrate exactly why. -- Take some naive gibberish, mix in random hypothetical scenarios and add a dash of over-the-top sentimentality and you've got a target-rich environment for FJM. -- Apparently no team should ever give up in the standings, no matter how dire the circumstances. This one's going to leave a mark, Rick Morrissey. -- Adrian Peterson and Andre Johnson aren't superstars yet but will graduate to that level this season? Wow. Knowing how the FJMs tear apart folks for examples of far less stupidity, could there possibly be a better inducement to read this blog entry? -- Goofy, non-scientific reasons to award Jeter the MVP -- and the shredding of said silliness. -- They managed to get in a shameless plug for tonight's Parks and Recreation season premiere. A tad unseemly, don't you think? By the way, be sure to check out further 21st Century Media Alliance coverage of Tremendous Week with a liveblog covering Parks and Recreation on Googling Atlee Hammaker and we will follow that with a liveblog right here on The FDH Lounge of The Office -- which follows immediately afterward on NBC.

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