Saturday, July 23, 2011

Lounge on YouTube: Tommy Lasorda

By Rick Morris

At long last, Lounge Lizards, we’ve broken the seal on The FDH Lounge YouTube channel! As we go along, we’ll be uploading classic segments from the history of our program and when we do, we’ll embed them here.

There is one very important note: unlike on our YouTube channel, where it will take quite a bit of work to update all of our videos accordingly, we can easily make note here that the information about our program’s distribution is now dated. As we indicated recently, we took control of our own distribution – with all of it appearing here until otherwise noted – in order to pursue the very exciting business possibilities for our program without being disruptive to the continuity of our previous distributor. Win-win-win, as the great Michael Scott would say.

Up next: we speak with one of baseball’s most beloved legends, Tommy Lasorda.

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