Wednesday, August 17, 2011

FDH Lounge Mini-Episode #2: Joe DioGuardi

By Rick Morris

THURSDAY AUGUST 18 UPDATE: Techinical problems, beyond Russ’s control last night, impeded the broadcast. But we’re coming back right at 6:30 PM EDT tonight and you can access it here.

As we referenced previously with Mini-Episode #1 last week, our pals at Sportsology are hooking us up for live segments that we’re doing with guests these days. As such, our next one is airing live tonight at 6:30 EDT and can be accessed right here.

We’re happy to have back one of our most informative guests, speaking on a subject that could not be more timely. Joe DioGuardi was the Republican nominee for Hillary Clinton’s former US Senate seat last year in New York and previously, was the first practicing CPA in Congress. He worked on the rescue of New York City finances in the 1970s and the S&L bailout of the 1980s, so he knows how to address the crisis of red ink and it’s long been his signature issue with the federal government – brandishing, last year in TV commercials, the card with which he previously cast votes on the floor of Congress and labeling it the “world’s most expensive credit card.” In a horrible economy, with crushing federal debt, he’s got common-sense ideas about how to straighten out our affairs. Agree or disagree with him, you have to respect his passion and his honesty. He cares deeply, as those who have heard his previous monologues on our show can testify!

As was the case with last week’s mini-episode, we’ll have the audio right up here for your listening pleasure after the fact. Again, we thank our good pal Russ Cohen of Sportsology and look forward to talking with him and Joe for this great segment.

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