Tuesday, August 9, 2011

FDH Lounge Mini-Episode #1: Pigskin Insider’s Ken Palmer

By Rick Morris

As we referenced last month, we’ve taken control of our own distribution here at The FDH Lounge. It’s the only way to be fair to our previous distributor, since we could not in good faith make necessary promises of longevity given some of the ongoing conversations about future distribution that we are honored to be presently having.

In the interim, our Ultimate Anthology continues to be made more widely available all the time on our YouTube channel and we’re embedding each and every one of those segments right here. As for new programming during this period, it will come in the form of single-segment “Mini-Episodes” in two forms, starting live on August 10:

^ Live segments hosted by our good friends and fellow members of The 21st Century Media Alliance Sportsology via their hookup. It’s great to announce that their major domo Russ Cohen will be joining us for all of these segments!

^ Podcasts with the FDH Lounge Dignitaries via our brand-new equipment that we will be recording with the cast members in and around our headquarters city of Cleveland.

Both types of Mini-Episodes, the live ones and the recorded podcasts, will be uploaded to our YouTube channel and embedded right here, so we recommend those methods for checking us out as we move through the exciting process of securing the future of our unique broadcast property.

Our first Mini-Episode airs live at the aforementioned Sportsology hookup at 6 PM EDT Wednesday, August 10 as we welcome in one of our favorite recurring guests: Pigskin Insider’s Ken Palmer. He covers the Giants most strongly, but he is up on happenings all across the NFL and has analysis of the post-lockout landscape that will be most interesting.

We’re grateful for the support and participation from Russ and Sportsology for our Mini-Episodes that involve guests like Ken and we’ll be bringing you a mix of those segments and our podcasts involving the Dignitaries (sometimes, many of them at once – oh, this new equipment is glorious – many thanks to our Creative Director Jason Jones for procuring the necessary gadgets) in the weeks to come as our medium and long-term courses are charted. As always, we’re grateful for the support of you, the Lounge Lizards, as we continue through the evolution of the brand where “nothing is off-topic.”

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