Monday, November 28, 2011

The match that could make you a pro wrestling fan

By Rick Morris

For those of us who started watching pro wrestling back in our childhood (“back when it was good”), it doesn’t take much to break through our disillusionment over the lameness of today’s scene. One good program with CM Punk and we can be reeled back in – until creative decides it has nothing for the general public once again and things go back in the turlet.

The real test comes with those who never really liked pro wrestling. Is there anything at all that can impress them? I’ve found with many of my friends that the answer is generally “no.”

But here’s perhaps the ultimate test. I’ve heard about this match for years, but never set aside the time to sit down and watch it. It’s Blood Generation vs. Do Fixer, from the 2006 Supercard of Honor card promoted by the Ring of Honor promotion. For those unfamiliar with the style of ROH, it’s athletic-based in the high-flying style of modern Japan and the spirit of old-school basic ‘rasslin principles.

Blood Generation and Do Fixer are stables from the Japanese Dragon Gate promotion, which would send over its wrestlers to ROH from time to time back in the day (since then, they’ve established a full-fledged American office of Dragon Gate that no longer affiliates with ROH). These six Japanese wrestlers are six of the fastest, most athletic specimens I have ever seen. I had a great time watching this match, but again, I’m part of the target audience. The true test is whether this match can hook in those who would say, “I don’t generally enjoy this stuff, but that was amazing.”

If this match doesn’t do it, nothing will.

Do Fixer (Ryo Saito, Genki Horiguchi & Dragon Kid) vs Blood Generation (Masato Yoshino, Naruki Doi &

CIMA) - Supercard Of Honor from Senna on Vimeo.

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