Friday, November 11, 2011

Nobody celebrates 500 hours like The FDH Lounge!

By Rick Morris

The FDH Lounge doesn’t do anything at half-speed, so when “The Great American Radio Show on Internet TV” where “Nothing is Off-Topic” closed in on its 500th hour of broadcasting, we felt the pressure. Living up to our track record is tough enough, but our penchant for bravado and self-promotion? Now that’s really rough!

Fortunately, as is always the case with us, the corners we back ourselves into seem to be coated with bouncy-rubber, so when we say we’re going large, we end up delivering. We think you’ll agree with the lineup we put together for The FDH Road to 500:

Bob Barker, UFC/WWF great Ken Shamrock, the 5th edition of The FDH Pantheon (celebrating the best of the best in 12 different categories), rock legend Steve Perry and Wall Street expert and best-selling author William Cohan.

Big ups as always to The FDH New York Bureau Steve Cirvello for his unparalleled guest-booking.

Now that we’ve made it all the way through, we’ve got all of the Mini-Episodes that comprised The FDH Road to 500 right here. A quick note on why a few Mini-Episode numbers are skipped: because the weekly fantasy football segments are time-sensitive and not of nearly as much interest going forward as these other, more timeless ones are.

Here they are, about 3 ½ hours of FDH Lounge content in all.

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