Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Make no mistake: Limbaugh wants Obama reelected

By Rick Morris

I’ve written many times before about how Rush Limbaugh’s actions are counterproductive to the cause of effectively opposing the Obama crew’s efforts to expand the federal government.

When he said he hoped that Obama failed just as he was taking office, I thought it was incredibly unfortunate that so many in the right-wing echo chamber pronounced him correct and brave. It was one thing to hope for a change in administrations in 2012, but it was another altogether to relish in the mess that was to come. If you look at the state of affairs today, I believe that Obama has failed. But is that a desirable outcome? A president cannot fail in a vacuum; he can only drag the country down with him if he does. For Limbaughto have put out such a glib statement, celebrating the misery that was to come, merely in the spirit of being contrarian during Obama’s early days in office, was incredibly stupid. Are the countless unemployed and underemployed more or less sympathetic to the Republicans in opposition when Limbaugh brays pathetic crap like that?

That’s a rhetorical question.

Again, I suspected stupidity on Limbaugh’s part, but almost three years later, there can be no doubt as to the true intent.

^ Would a man who wanted Obama out of office call his wife “uppity,” with all of the connotations and history that the word contains in America’s racial history?

^ Would a man who wanted Obama out of office play “Baby Got Back for his wife’s intro music on the show?

^ Would a man who wanted Obama out of office refer to him as a Halfrican-American?

^ Would a man who wanted Obama out of office play footsie with the birther distractions?

^ Would a man who wanted Obama out of office willfully prevent the GOP from atoning for the sins against principle prevalent through the Bush era by continuing to suck up to Dubya to this day – going so far as to advocate his addition to Mount Rushmore?

These are, of course, rhetorical questions.

And these are just the strongest examples, to say nothing of his refusal to use his microphone to help Republicans align around a strong alternative to Mitt Romney.

At this point, there can surely be no doubt anymore as to Rush Limbaugh’s true intentions. Nobody charts the success story that he has, becoming a gazillionaire after being broke 30 years ago, without knowing exactly what they are doing. He made a mint during the Clinton years, positioning himself as The Official Voice of Observation – and he waned in importance before and after, when two squishy men both named George Bush weakened his schtick by making him carry their water ( his words, not mine, in a rare moment of true honesty).

He has no interest in using his microphone to spearhead a rational, calm dissection of what three years of Obama’s policies have done to this country. This administration cannot stand the scrutiny that a mass-audience, cold-blooded examination of its work would produce, but Limbaugh has no intention whatsoever in actually educating people and moving beyond his pathetic bumper-sticker belches.

I’ve been saying all along that Obama is being propped up in the polls by the profoundly unappealing nature of his enemies, particularly many of the carnival barkers in talk radio. Some Republican shills like Mike Gallagher and Mark Levin, simply don’t know any better and probably play into Obama’s hands out of sheer ignorance. Some, like Sean Hannity, have such repulsive, mouth-breathing acts that they surely must be intentionally working for Obama, but most of them – Hannity included, in all likelihood – actually are mouth-breathers in real life and hence, have no idea what they are doing.

But some, like Rush Limbaugh, know exactly what they are doing. His hysterical bleating about what a second Obama term will mean is right on the money. But it’s also exactly what he wants, as he will be profiting from it every day, preaching to his legions of sheep that he’s Obama’s worst nightmare instead of admitting what he really is.

Obama’s best friend.

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