Friday, December 16, 2011

NCAA football bowl picks

By Rick Morris

3-2 in Week 14, 42-36-2 overall

UPDATED NOTE: The FDH New York Bureau Steve Cirvello also now has his picks in; his are the same as mine for every game unless I indicate he is picking the other team.

NOTE: Every underdog I pick is a team I also think will win outright.

Temple -7 over Wyoming (Steve says Wyoming)

Ohio +1 ½ over Utah State (Steve says Utah State)

UL-Lafayette +4 ½ over San Diego State

Florida International -4 over Marshall

TCU -10 over Louisiana Tech

Boise State -14 over Arizona State

Southern Miss -6 over Nevada (Steve says Nevada)

Missouri -5 over North Carolina (Steve says North Carolina)

WMU +2 ½ over Purdue (Steve says Purdue)

Louisville +2 ½ over North Carolina State

Toledo -3 over Air Force (Steve says Air Force)

Texas -3 over California

Florida State -3 over Notre Dame

Baylor +9 ½ over Washington

BYU -2 ½ over Tulsa (Steve says Tulsa)

Rutgers -1 ½ over Iowa State

Mississippi State -7 over Wake Forest (Steve says Wake Forest)

Oklahoma -13 ½ over Iowa

Northwestern +10 over Texas A&M

Georgia Tech -3 ½ over Utah

UCLA +2 ½ over Illinois

Vanderbilt -2 ½ over Cincinnati

Virginia +1 ½ over Auburn (Steve says Auburn)

Penn State +5 ½ over Houston

South Carolina -2 ½ over Nebraska

Michigan State -3 ½ over Georgia

Ohio State +2 over Florida (Steve says Florida)

Oregon -6 over Wisconsin

Oklahoma State -3 ½ over Stanford (Steve says Stanford)

Michigan -2 ½ over Virginia Tech (Steve says Virginia Tech)

West Virginia +3 ½ over Clemson (Steve says Clemson)

Arkansas -8 over Kansas State (Steve says Kansas State)

SMU +3 ½ over Pittsburgh (Steve says Pittsburgh)

Northern Illinois +1 ½ over Arkansas State

LSU -1 over Alabama

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