Sunday, January 4, 2009

Geopolitics roundup

By Rick Morris

With a new year comes a new approach here at The FDH Lounge. We have included geopolitics as part of our “nothing is off-topic” approach for as long as we have been around, but we’re changing our method of coverage. Instead of just linking to all the recent headlines at great sites like Jane’s or The Long War Journal, we’ll put together periodic updates from all over the web. In so doing, we can bring you the best of the best coverage of what’s happening all over the globe.

^ Here’s a comprehensive must-read about the current state of terrorism in multiple theatres from The Long War Journal: The State of Jihad 2008

^ This is a free excerpt of an article behind the paid subscription wall at Jane’s: Labor pains – unemployment and unrest in China

^ The Investigative Project on Terrorism, which is an excellent resource, has a new post called Terrorism Challenges Facing the Obama Administration with some interesting videoblogging.

^ The Belmont Club, which always does a good job of putting current events into historical perspective, writes about how the fragmentation of Palestinian politics post-Arafat complicates the situation with Israel

^ In the International Herald Tribune, Cathy Young warns of a brewing storm in Russia

^ Der Spiegel weighs in on the consequences of Russia shutting off Ukraine’s natural gas supply

^ The FP Passport blog makes the case that Israel hasn’t thought through the endgame of the Gaza war

^ Michelle Malkin breaks down The State of our Borders 2008

^ Monsters & Critics has a fascinating feature article entitled Spying on Taliban, Al Qaeda is world’s riskiest job – additionally, they have a great analysis about how the war in Afghanistan spiraled out of control in the last year

^ US News & World Report has a feature about why China helped countries like Pakistan and North Korea develop nuclear weapons

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