Monday, January 19, 2009

Geopolitics roundup

By Rick Morris

We have long covered geopolitics at The FDH Lounge, both in terms of our own analysis and linking to great coverage elsewhere. Here’s our latest roundup of top news and analysis on the Internet.

^ From the Foreign Policy blog: How not to close the Gaza tunnels

^ Also from the Foreign Policy blog: An interesting approach of trying to deprogram jihadists with art therapy!

^ From Jane’s: Tribal tribulations - The Pakistani Taliban in Waziristan

^ From Michael Yon Online: A report from General Barry McCaffrey about the status of Mexico

^ From Wired: An American general reaching out to troops via blogging and chats

^ From Newsweek: James Baker on the return of realism to American foreign policy

^ From the Washington Post: Peter Beinart on the success of the surge in Iraq

^ From the London Times: How British politics has become like an American sitcom

^ From Japan Times: The long-term security threat Hamas poses to moderate Arab states

^ From the Counterterrorism Blog: A discussion about the feasibility of a Gaza demilitarization

^ From The Long War Journal: Osama bin Laden’s son coordinating relations between al Qaeda and Iranian Qods force

^ From the International Herald Tribune: Threats from the north put South Korea on edge

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