Wednesday, February 11, 2009

"I Love You, Barack"

By Tony Mazur

Three weeks into the new administration. And what a long three weeks it has been.

I use this blog to vent my anger for "Obamamania". On February 10th, at a town hall meeting in Fort Myers, Florida, video captured two of my biggest issues with Obama and the "Barack Backers".

First, Henrietta Hughes, a woman who is fed up with her current standard of living, would like President Obama to personally do something about it. During the election, the media portrayed Obama the way the Old Testament prophets proclaimed the arrival of the Messiah. Not only is Barack the next Jesus Christ, apparently he is now Kris Kringle. Ms. Hughes asks Mr. Obama for a new house, new car, and a new kitchen. Unfortunately, this is not included in the video, but take my word for it. Sure, he'll help you, as soon as he helps his half-brother move out of his small hut in Kenya.

Another aspect of Obamamania that irritates me is the way people want to screw him. Literally. Take a look at the unnamed woman to the left of the video who looks like Rod Stewart, circa 1981. The emotionally-filled lady mouths the words "I love you, Barack!" Another example of how disgusting the media and the American people have portrayed this man who is nothing more than Pelosi and Reid's puppet. I cannot WAIT for November 2010 and 2012.

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