Saturday, February 28, 2009

The merits and demerits of some female celebs

By Rick Morris

As we mentioned previously, The FDH Lounge staged our 4th semiannual fantasy-style draft Wednesday night with attractive female celebrities being the topic. Although unpopular with some who feel the program to be sexist and objectifying, it has been very popular with a great many who hold it up as one of our best shows of the year and is in fact done in light-hearted fun with no vulgar language.

I have never for one moment regretted green-lighting the idea from our Senior Editor Jason Jones and our Entertainment Editor Samantha Jones. They were right that our core audience finds the idea of arguing about the various merits and demerits of females in a competitive environment to be a lot of fun.

Jason won our first event in 2007, followed by Paul Belfi with two wins in 2008. This time, I must salute our new champion, Tony Mazur, who won in sudden-death overtime.

Our format for this show involved having participants select four women over 50 and four female athletes in a serpentive-style draft. We graded one another's picks, dropping the low grade for each judge (the so-called "Burrell Jackson Rule," necessitated by our first draft when he gave a multitude of unrealistically low scores).

Here's how everything shook out (and for the record, I got robbed once again and my last few picks, which were harshed on by the judges, were given completely insane scores):

FIRST PLACE: Tony Mazur (69 points) - Amanda Beard (9), Jane Seymour (9), Ana Paula Mancini (9), Natalie Gulbis (9), Mimi Rogers (8), Kim Basinger (8), Leryn Franco (9), Janice Dickinson (8), Gina Carano (9 -- sudden death overtime selection)

SECOND PLACE: Mike Vili (69 points) - Michelle Pfeiffer (9), Sharon Stone (9), Holly Hunter (8), Lokelani McMichael (9), Malia Jones (9), Kristi Leskinen (8.5), Christie Brinkley (8), Rita Dravucz (8.5), Heather Mitts (8 - sudden death overtime selection)

THIRD PLACE - Rick Morris (65.5 points) - Sela Ward (9), Joan Allen (9), Peggy Lipton (8 -- side note: I selected her daughter Rashida Jones in a previous all-ages draft), Ashley Force (9), Jaclyn Smith (9), Stacey Dales (8), Tara Lipinski (7.5), Jennifer Petrick (7)

FOURTH PLACE - The FDH New York Bureau (aka Team Cliche - 62.5 points) - the 69 year-old Raquel Welch (7.5), Mary Hart (7), Danica Patrick (7.5), Susanne Somers (7.5), Sasha Cohen (8), Tanith Belbin (9.5 - highest individual score and winner of one of only two "10" votes from a judge all evening), Milka Duno (9), Dorothy Hamill (side note: ????? - 6.5)

FIFTH PLACE - Jason Jones (60.8 points) - Jennifer Tilly (9 - recipient of the only other "10" vote from a judge all night), Debbie Harry (4.5 - prompting a mean email from a listener wondering if Jason was going to take Bea Arthur in the next round), Rene Russo (7), Jennie Finch (8.3), Olivia Newton-John (8.3), Tatiana Golovin (7), Katrina Petroni (8.7), Daniela Hantuchova (8.3)

Do you agree with the scoring? Let the controversy begin ...

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