Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Sharpton Strikes Again

By Tony Mazur

I haven't heard a peep out of Al Sharpton in a while. In these extra-sensitive times, people are afraid to utter anything remotely offensive that may upset a particular group. But a cartoon published in the New York Post has brought the "Reverend" out of his cave.

The cartoon (seen here) is causing major controversy. It depicts two police officers shooting down a crazed chimpanzee, as a reference to the story out of Connecticut. The officer that is not holding the gun says to the shooter, "They'll have to find someone else to write the next stimulus bill."

Sharpton and thousands of other guilty white people are calling for the cartoonist's head, crying racism. Sharpton claims that the cartoonist's intent was to portray President Obama as the dead chimpanzee. Not surprisingly, Reverend Al would see to it that the cartoonist's tenure with the NY Post is over.

Also not surprisingly, I do not find this cartoon racist in any way. And why is that? BECAUSE BARACK OBAMA DID NOT WRITE THE STIMULUS BILL! For years, the media and political cartoonists have portrayed lawmakers and the government as a bunch of monkeys (remember the age-old joke about how monkeys with typewriters could write rewrite Shakespeare?).

This is yet another example of Al Sharpton shoving his nose in anything that COULD be a tad offensive to black people. What makes it worse is that the media gives this race-bating jackass the time of day. I guarentee you he does not watch Seinfeld and Dog the Bounty Hunter. I guarentee you he does not listen to "Imus in the Morning". What makes you think he reads anti-Obama administration jokes? He is a racist, yet no one ever calls him on it.

What makes this story even more despicable is the fact that all of "Sharpton's Sheep" are coming out from the woodwork to call racism. Well, I'm calling shenanigans.

I thought we're a more open-minded society now that America elected a )half) black president. But with the talk of the Fairness Doctrine looming overhead, this country is acting like preteen girls. It's a political cartoon. It may not be a knee-slapper, but it's at least a relevant joke. Lighten up and read the joke thoroughly.

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