Monday, February 23, 2009

Video Clips: Fun Timewasters

By Rick Morris

From time to time, we try to accommodate our Lounge content consumers who just want some fun, light entertainment. Hence this edition of our Video Clips series, entitled "Fun Timewasters." These are simply some video clips that you can enjoy and consume in the form of good, mindless entertainment. On with the show!

Here's a collection of many great Sonic commercials!

This might be the greatest collection of hockey goal calls from an announcer that you will ever hear:

A great cartoon about U.S. presidents:

From CNBC last week, Rick Santelli's now-infamous rant about the gubmint's mortgage support package:

Here's a highlight reel of the man I consider to be the greatest hockey player of all time, Bobby Orr:

Emmitt Smith, the man who selfishly stuck around past his prime just so that he could knock the late, great Walter Payton from first place in the NFL all-time rushing record book, is now gone from ESPN -- but thanks to this video, his crimes against the English language won't soon be forgotten.

I'd hit that!

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