Thursday, June 25, 2009

NBA Draft liveblogging Part II - Blake Griffin is #1

By Rick Morris

As always tonight, we will lead off an update with a link to HOOPS DRAFTOLOGY 2009, our draft guide and the videos we posted of the top players in this draft.

Blake Griffin just goes #1 to the "other LA team," so if by chance there are any Clipper fans in the sea of ghouls outside of the UCLA Medical Center tonight, they can at least take solace in that, I guess.

BTW, it's on another channel, so it's off-topic, but why is that jerk Keith Olbermann wearing a vest with his shirt and tie, trying to look all "solemn news guy" for the occasion of Michael Jackson's death? What's that all about? I actually had a a friend suggest I switch to "MJ liveblogging" tonight, but I rejected that out of hand.

Griffin's parents were just interviewed by ESPN. Had that been me holding the mic, I'd have asked them how it feels to have another son whose basketball ceiling is "mooching member of Blake's entourage."

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