Thursday, June 25, 2009

NBA Draft liveblogging Part XIX - Mullens lands in Big D

By Rick Morris

As always tonight, we will lead off an update with a link to HOOPS DRAFTOLOGY 2009, our draft guide and the videos we posted of the top players in this draft. We'll also throw in a link to the CBS Draft Tracker.

Boy, we expected BJ Mullens to fall when he missed going to Detroit at #15, but this was pretty severe for somebody who still potentially has a really nice ceiling - #24 to Dallas. Good team and good situation -- a team with a gaping hole in the pivot since forever -- and it has the makings of a nice "Twin Towers" situation if he can realize any of his potential before Dirk Diggler gets much older. That might be a big "if," though. Ultimately, the Mavs were unlikely to end up with a player with this much room for growth this late in the draft, so much like Philly, they ended up with a good value.

The Thunder with a curveball at #25! Rodrigue Beaubois ends up in Oklahoma City, which should not be a big surprise since GM Sam Presti comes out of the San Antonio tree that prizes the international players. Once he's in the mix, existing PG Westbrook will probably be more of a combo guard, I would suppose.

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