Saturday, June 13, 2009

RIP Mitsuharu Misawa

By Rick Morris

One of the greatest Japanese wrestlers of all time, Misawa, passed away last night after collapsing in the ring. Evidently he sufffered a heart ailment.

Now, he worked a very stiff, physically brutal style in Japan that featured a lot of so-called "head dropping." Japanese pro wrestling is a work just like it is everywhere in the world, but nowhere is there a greater emphasis on "looking real." The physical toll involved with this style may very well be responsible in some way.

Misawa was a man who exemplified effort and a sense of dedication to the fans who paid his salary. As a tribute to him, we offer footage of the match that many place on a very, very short list of the greatest of all time: Misawa vs. Kawada: June 3, 1994.

RIP The Great Misawa.

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