Thursday, June 25, 2009

NBA Draft liveblogging Part XXI - NY/LA deal?

By Rick Morris

As always tonight, we will lead off an update with a link to HOOPS DRAFTOLOGY 2009, our draft guide and the videos we posted of the top players in this draft. We'll also throw in a link to the CBS Draft Tracker.

The LA Lakers are rumored to be moving this pick to the Knicks, but they just picked up combo guard Toney Douglas. He would be a better fit in La La Land given the New York backcourt situation.

Leave it to Danny Ferry after the triumph of the Shaq trade to step on his johnson with a first-round pick like he always does. Christian Eyenga comes over from the third division of a Spanish league and doesn't have the size upgrade needed at SG for the Cavs. Our Senior Editor Jason Jones is similarly upset. Quoting his text message to me just now, "F$%& that Spurs mentality bull$@#$!"

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That Guy said...

Screw this pick. He was just on an chat and when asked, "what is your desired position?" he responds with, "I'll play wherever they want me to, but I am most comfortable at the 3"...what the hell are they thinking? D.Summers, D.Blair, D.Christmas, AJ Price, even Chase Budinger? WTF????