Tuesday, August 19, 2008

FDH Insider August 20 -- another 3-hour special

By Rick Morris

This Wednesday's edition of THE FANTASYDRAFTHELP.COM INSIDER on SportsTalkNetwork.com (7-10 PM EDT) will be another three-hour edition as the 9 PM EDT hour of THE GOON SQUAD gives way to additional fantasy football coverage during the peak period of interest for that hobby and the deadest period on the calendar for hockey news.

We lead off the show with our third annual college football team draft, which has the recommended league guidelines and the FDH draft board here. This can be a very fun way to enhance your enjoyment of NCAA football, as you can combine your knowledge of the teams with a way to compete with your friends.

Towards the end of Hour One, we will hit our token non-football items of the night: specifically, lessons to be learned and applied for fantasy baseball. Our first item applies to the concept of the "keeper league autopsy." Very few teams conform exactly to a specific prediction in terms of season outcome; most exceed expectations or fail to meet them. What is the process you should use to determine lessons to learn for next year? We'll have a solid example for you. Also, we'll examine the man who ended up presenting a spectacular "buy low" opportunity this past April/May in CC Sabathia.

Midway through Hour Two, we turn back to football and we visit the concepts of the auction and keeper league auctions and/or drafts. What are some specific points to keep in mind for these formats? We'll tell you. Then, toward the end of the hour and through the final hour, we break down our mock draft from last week's show, the results of which can be found here. Additionally, don't forget to download our FREE fantasy football mock draft guide if you haven't already. Skip the glossy newsstand mags with their prices approaching double digits and get the real thing here.

For the most comprehensive fantasy sports program you will find anywhere, with advice and thought processes that are bulletproof, join us for THE INSIDER this Wednesday for our three-hour special only on STN.

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