Sunday, August 17, 2008

Summerslam liveblogging Part I

By Rick Morris

Pretty good opening match tonight between Jeff Hardy and MVP, not much length or long-term selling, but a nice little spotfest. The end came when Sheldon Benjamin ran down to get involved and Hardy dived on him outside the ring, then took the running kick to the head from MVP for the (quasi-) clean pin. I had qualms about this match being booked in the first place, because I didn't believe that either man could take a clean pinfall at this stage of their careers, but if the plan is to have Hardy win the US Title as revenge against Benjamin, then it's all good.

The comedy gold known as Beth'n'Santino then did a backstage segment with Maria (of all people!) that was notable for a classic "manscaping" reference from Santino. This then set the stage for an entertaining but short "Winner Takes It All Match" between that team and Mickie/Kofi. After Mickie hit her (silicone) implant DDT on Santino, Beth then attacked her from behind and got the pinfall, thus securing both the Women's and IC titles for her team. The predictable celebration ensued, with the highlight being Santino riding back to the locker room on Beth's shoulders holding up both titles. That needs to be my new screensaver like yesterday.

And Mike Ptak says he agrees completely.

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