Sunday, August 3, 2008

August Jane's Geopolitical Roundup

By Rick Morris

Jane's Information Group has some of the best intelligence in the world at its fingertips. On matters ranging from military to security to weaponry and beyond, the staff at Jane's provides top-notch information to its subscribers and probably runs rings around our frequently inept CIA much of the time.The site includes free excerpts of its material in many different categories. From time to time here at The FDH Lounge Multimedia Magazine, we will link directly to their outstanding material on many subjects and allow those of you who are very much concerned with geopolitics and the world around us to keep up on important matters. We generally update this on a monthly basis, but this installment covers everything updated since May 5.

In addition to the material below, we refer you to the January, February, March, April, May and the combined June/July installments of this series. NOTE: While the links look a little goofy in terms of inconsistent pigmentation, they are all completely functioning.


Royal Navy steps into breach in Afghanistan

US Army sees urgent need for longer-range infantry weapon

USMC prepares to stand up third UAV squadron

Halting of Al Yamamah investigation was not unlawful, rules House of Lords

Analysis: UK defense industry thrives in uncertain environment

Pakistani F-16 upgrade will not affect counterinsurgency funding, says US

Ocean upgrade paves way for Apache operations

First CBASS torpedo launch sinks decommissioned USN frigate

Analysis: Tight rein on inflation is crucial for UK defense industry


3M aims mobile swipe reader at airports, remote border posts

Saab prepares to deliver first CAMPS-100 civilian anti-MANPADS system


Comment from Jane’s Middle East Editor on the Bombings in Turkey

Southern comfort – Thai insurgency falters

Malaysian opposition activist seeks return to parliament

Suicide bomber strikes Indian embassy in Kabul

Double bombing in Istanbul kills 17

Myanmar junta shuffle along

Finding (cyber jihadist) Nemo

Colombian hostage rescue marks major blow to the FARC

North Korea – better late than never?



Stansted set for new runway inquiry

EU approves new aviation carbon-trading rules

IATA chief urges industry IT transformation

Executive Overview: Jane’s Merchant Ships

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